Power Hour

Power Hour

with Anita Sykes
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Book me for a Power Hour and let's see what we can get done together.

Examples of tasks that can be completed within a Power Hour:

  • Configure a domain name and business email address correctly;
  • Add SPF and DKIM records to your DNS to make it less likely your emails will be delivered to a spam folder;
  • Embed some code into your website eg Google Analytics or Trustpilot;
  • Add a custom blog post layout to your website;
  • A taster session for your chosen website - will include
    • an audit,
    • accessibility review,
    • home page review and
    • 30-minute walkthrough via Zoom;
  • Set up an automation using Zapier.

We can do this via a Zoom screenshare/remote control if you wish. I'd recommend this for configuring your business email.

When you've better things to do than watch me work, I can do this without your involvement; I will just need to have access to relevant accounts so that I can do this for you.

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